Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nda Coaching

ssb interviews 
                                                   Director is the author of the book "SSB Interviews & Personality Development" is over 44 years old and has made a mark in India specially in SSB INTERVIEWS (Communcation Skills & Personality Development) and WRITTEN EXAMS for CDS and NDA. This institution is in the capable hands of highly qualified Army Officers. We have a set team of Instructors who are devoted fully to the cause. We not only coach for selection but instill officer like qualities by persuation/guidance both oral and practical. Our,aim is to make you better citizens in the days to come.Academy is proud of being better equiped than any other Academy in India. WE have a set team of Instructors who are devoted fully to the cause. Our fees are minimum possible and refunded to a student if he is not satisfied with our SSB coaching. With this lower fees, we coach. you for full 10 days even on Sundays and Holidays and for more number of hours. We do not believe in postal course which is a sheer waste of money. Students are rather, advised to attend full course for better results.  

nda coaching

                                           An able administrator, he would always strive to achieve for the best and accordingly he demanded the same from his sub- ordinates and the candidates. With his remarkable hard work and his scientific approach the understanding by the students became a lot easier. His understanding of the SSB Interview system helped many thousands candidates get commissioned and serve the Indian Armed Forces. His judgment and analysis were immaculate , thereby helping students overcome their short comings. Under his vision and guidance New Careers Academy has always striven to provide education to the students so as to do the country proud. He helped a candidate who was rejected seven times at an s.s.b.  to clear the board , which is  no mean  achievement The Director, continues to work for the betterment and scaling new heights. One of the major accomplishments has been the release of the book by the director named “S.S.B. interviews and Personality devolpement” for candidates to give them a preface of what is expected of them and to make the grade at S.S.B.

ssb coaching 
                                         Over the years academy has striven to impart this motto at the highest level and has been very successful. Over the time the standards have been changing and the academy has been constantly in progress for the new methodology required to make the understanding of the students easier and according to newer terms. With the highly reputed staff and their constant monitoring we have always vouched to provide the best for the students, in each and every way. We specialise in SSB interviews and the institution is in the hands of specialists only. No third rate instructors are employed. Only highly qualified staff is there who had their full share of service in the Army and are fully aware of the qualities expected in potential officers. Every individual has good points as well as drawbacks. Our aim at this academy is to guide you so that you may overcome your defects and highlight your good points when you face the Services Selection Board. We do so by paying individual attention to each student as vacancies on each batch are limited. We develop control capabilities, self confidence, resourcefullness and ability to meet all unforseen situations. We don't believe in giving stereotyped training robbing you of your initiative. Rather, we aim at bringing out your latent potentialities and improve all round personality. Our coaching is practical to generate confidence, initiative and officer like qualities required in would be officers.   


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